Canterbury Court Modernization

Canterbury Court was a complete renovation and addition, with a few distinct highlights. One of these was converting a complete outdoor courtyard into an interior atrium area. Being able to take a space that was essentially a natural outdoor space and make it into an atrium that is welcoming and inviting was an interesting challenge.
A large part of the addition that we performed was adding a second storey over the dining room, kitchen, and administration areas. This second storey was created to develop suites for residences of Canterbury Court who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Along with the second storey addition, we provided a much needed renovation to the whole south section of the building. Throughout the whole construction process we had to make certain that all of our renovations managed to maintain the warmth and familiarity feeling that the residents had developed towards the old building. While we were doing the addition and general renovations, we also installed a sprinkler system throughout the entire facility.

As was mentioned, we were very conscious of maintaining the feeling of home for all of the senior citizens who resided there. Furthermore, all our construction personnel had to actually schedule their tasks around the day-to-day activities of the residents and staff. At no time during the addition or renovation was any part of the building shut down for the residents. This really forced us to find a perfect balance between meeting our deadlines, and being accommodating to all the wonderful residents and staff there. Fortunately we were able to find that balance, and complete the project slightly ahead of schedule.

Unique Features

  • Distinct “egg” shaped chapel
  • Converted an exterior courtyard into an interior atrium
  • Upgrades to a large commercial kitchen

Project Facts

  • Client: Canterbury Foundation
  • Prime Consultant: Workun Garrick Architects and Associates
  • Sq. Ft.: 40,000
  • Dollar Value: $3,468,800
  • Project Duration: 12 months
  • Project Description: Addition and renovation to an existing occupied senior citizens lodge