Northgate Transit Centre

We always love it when we can grow and change along with our long-time clients. That’s why we were delighted when the City of Edmonton, having decided it was time to replace the Northgate Transit Centre, went with the company that built the original structure back in 1986: Binder Construction. This was an opportunity to revisit an important project from our past and play an integral role in its rebirth for a new generation.
The flow of transit traffic can't come to a stop to accommodate revitalization projects, so we had to work under special challenging circumstances. First, we had to demolish the existing building quickly, safely, and efficiently. Then it was a matter of coordinating construction of the new centre while ensuring minimal inconvenience to transit users and no disruption to commuter schedules. Undergoing a project of this scope, in a space that is “live” to the public at all times, allows us to showcase the full measure of our expertise and experience.

The result has been spectacular. The new building is destined to become a centerpiece in the community and in the transit system. In keeping with its purpose, it is designed to be sleek, long, and narrow—160 feet long, and just 25 feet across at its widest point—while at the same time conveying a feeling of space, light, and openness. It is constructed almost entirely of concrete, but also has features such as a wooden floating “cloud” ceiling, which creates a compelling focal point and introduces unique acoustic properties to the environment.

Northgate is one of the busiest transit centres in Edmonton—a place for people on the move. And we are excited to help take this vital transportation facility into the future.

Unique Features

  • More than $600,000 in architectual concrete used in construction
  • 2 levels of roofs
  • Second floor mechanical space
  • Aluminum panel siding

Project Facts

  • Client: City of Edmonton
  • Prime Consultant: Group2 Architecture
  • Sq. Ft.: 4000
  • Dollar Value: $4,575,100
  • Project Description: Demolition of existing structure and construction of new Transit Centre