Tuoi Hac Golden Age Manor

The client for this project had built a 140-unit seniors’ facility, serving mostly the Vietnamese community in North Edmonton—a filled- to-capacity facility that had a large undeveloped basement space. Then they had an idea.
That nondescript basement space is now a popular local banquet hall capable of accommodating functions for upwards of 300 people. This was a fun “makeover” project. We were able transform what was essentially a dark and unused space into a multi-purpose event centre. We installed the electrical infrastructure to support a powerful high-end sound system—one that can accommodate the equipment of virtually any band or DJ. We introduced a variety of lighting options for every mood and function. We put in new carpeting throughout, and installed the centerpiece feature: a beautiful hardwood dance floor.

Weddings receptions, anniversary parties, community events—you name it. Since this facility opened in May 2011, it has become a much-sought-after venue for mid-size events in the neighborhood. We at Binder Construction were delighted to have the opportunity to utilize our expertise in so many areas and help make this vision a reality.

Unique Features

  • Extra storage areas for equipment, furniture, and accessories
  • A large kitchen to support catering needs
  • Two luxurious high-capacity washrooms

Project Facts

  • Client: Edmonton Buddhist Research Institute
  • Prime Consultant: The Workun Gerrick Partnership
  • Dollar Value: $544,500
  • Project Duration: 3.5 months
  • Project Description: Repurposing an existing space into a banquet hall