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Fort Edmonton Park Carousel

The project at Fort Edmonton Park was to build a housing for their hand crafted and painted carousel was a unique challenge that turned out to be incredibly rewarding. The challenge was really a two-fold problem. First of all, we needed to make the building look like an authentic 1920’s wooden structure that would have been used to protect the carousel. Despite that authenticity, the building would have to be of modern durability especially against weathering damages.

The second aspect of the challenge was that with our given timeline, we were forced to complete the majority of the project during the winter months. Needless to say, this brought it’s fair share of problems.

In regards to the structure itself, it is an octagonal steel structure that is covered completely with wood. There was extensive use of timber wood decking in the roof structure. The actual steel support structure is supported on a compression ring. This blended use of steel and wood allowed us to achieve the 1920’s look while still maintaining the necessary structural strength and durability required.

The most impressive part of this project is the use of the color, especially on the inner ceiling. The use of a multitude of bright colors not only helps to create the 1920’s look, but it also complements the carousel. The carousel that resides in the structure is truly a work of art. It is hand crafted, and the detail is exquisite. In addition all the painting was done by hand, and again, the details as well as overall use of color are something amazing. When you see the building both inside and out, it truly looks and feels like the 1920’s, and without the bold use of colors, that feel could never have been achieved.